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Glorifier Bottle Dispenser 1
Glorifier Bottle Dispenser 1

Glorifier Bottle Dispenser

Glorifier Bottle Dispenser


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    Floor Standing Metal Wire Beer Rack Display Shelf Liquor Wine Whiskey Bottles Display Racks

    Wooden with painting       
    Silkscreen printing, 3D letters, etched logo, UV printing, heat transfer and etc.
    Display Products:
    Spirits&beverage, and a variety of products.                           
    Customized, we can customize and work out the size based on your products.
    Eco-friendly, high quality, strong structure.
    Design & Engineering:          
    Our engineer team create for your approval.
    Prototype lead time:
    Usually 5 to 7days.
    Production lead time: 
    Usually 25 to 30days.
    Suitable For:
    Supermarket, shopping mall, store.


    For the retail industry—including sectors such as apparel, liquor, eyewear,  electronics, watches and many more—an amazing display stand can attract customers' attention, provide effective presentation of products  and significantly higher volume of sales.
    Glorifier Bottle Dispenser 2
    BON VOYAGE DISPLAY PRODUCTS Co., Ltd. has been a leading company in the design, production, and sales of high-end custom display racks since 2008. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality product display solutions for our global customers.
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    We engineer and produce all types of customized retail point of sale displays, pop displays. We have provided over 2 million customized display racks for retail industries such as apparel, liquor, snacks, eyewear, skincare, gifts, toy, automotive parts, and more.
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    We strictly control quality at every stage—starting from the inspection of raw materials to cutting, welding, polishing, washing and drying, powder coating, screen printing, and final packaging. Every step is strictly monitored to ensure that each display rack meets customer expectations. This commitment to excellence has earned us a strong reputation among our global customers.
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    Our company operates in a factory area exceeding 215,000 square feet, over 300 skilled workers and utilizing multiple production lines. 
    We offer a variety of material production processes, including metal, wood, acrylic, PVC… etc., to meet all of your customization needs.
    Our cutting-edge production equipment includes laser cutting machines, 3D pipe cutting machines, automatic bending machines, and automated welding mechanical arms. This constant innovation in production processes and technology upgrades ensures that our display racks meet the highest standards in design, manufacturing, and quality.
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    For the metal/wood display stand, we usually pack as this way---
    1.Packed Unassembled; 
    2. Each part pack by a PE bag; 
    3. Protective stuffing all around the inside (6 sided); 
    4. K=K carton with UPS standard

    For the display cabinet with glass/acrylic, we usually pack as this way---
    1. Fully assembled;
    2. The unit pack by a PE bag;
    3. Protective stuffing all around the inside (6 sided);
    4. Xanita board carton with the L cardboard corner protector, or pack by wood box.
    If the client need, we also can pack the cartons on pallets.
    Glorifier Bottle Dispenser 12

    Q1: Can you customized my own wine display rack?

    A: Yes, we can customize a prototype for your approval before the production.

    Q2: What is your lead time for a spirit display rack prototype and mass production?
    A: Usually a prototype will take around 7 days, and about 25-40 days for mass production.

    It depends on the quantity and the project. We will finish ASAP.


    Q3: Can I customized a liquor display and a trolley cart with my logo and design? 

    A: Yes. Sure. We can customized for you according to your requirements.


    Q4: What’s your capability for customizing a different retail display?
    A: We work across a wide range of retail channels including spirit & wine, toy, apparel, cosmetic, eyewear and consumer electronics to name a few. We engineer and produce all types of point of sales displays, using many different materials: wood, metal, acrylic, PVC, temper glass and etc.

    Q5: Is the charge for the prototype refundable?
    A: Yes, the cost will be refunded with a production run.

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    We'd love to work with you and your team. If you have a project need to discuss, please leave us a message.
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